Mondopiero is proud to participate in MDW 2022, collaborating with designer Eugenie Kawabata to present an exhibition of her new works Second Life #2.
Second Life #2 is a collection of forms inspired by the Ancient Greek amphorae (vessels) that challenges the perceptions of materiality and utility. It investigates the end-of-life potential of upholstery waste as it is reborn and reimagined with new vitality and vigour, and explores the relationship between form, colour, materiality, the new and the old and the aesthetics of surprise.

Visit us in store to view the new collection.

Eugenie Kawabata
Eugenie Kawabata is an independent, Melbourne based designer and maker of objects, furniture and functional art. Her practice is informed by an interest in design’s transformation of materiality and how this affects the way we engage with the objects around us. Eugenie focuses on the hands-on experience, the act of designing through making. Eugenie seeks to blur the line between art and design, while embracing an ethos of sustainability. Eugenie's design works are predominately collectible one-off pieces. 

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