Beautiful Things. Well Chosen.

"A Thing of Beauty Is a Joy Forever." — John Keats

"So, Buy Less. Choose Well" — Vivienne Westwood

Style isn’t flash or florid. It doesn’t try to be anything at all.

It simply is. Or it is not.

Its sole duty is to raise us up above the horror of mediocrity.

Mondopiero is the expression of a brave and distinctly personal style, of a lifetime dedicated to the creation of beautiful things and appreciation of things beautifully made.

But Mondopiero is not merely a collection of beautiful things. It’s an anthology of wonderful stories. Stories of people who, generation after generation, obsessively, single-mindedly, fanatically pursue perfection. The perfect spoon, knife, rug, ring, vase, fragrance, blanket, or teapot. These are stories worth telling.

Appropriately located at the Cathedral end of Brunswick St, Fitzroy, this 400-square-metre theatre is a voyage into the very psyche of Mondopiero’s designer and owner Piero Paolo Gesualdi.

In the store itself and here in our online representation, Mondopiero brings together a whimsically curated collection of luxury art, homewares, furniture and furnishings, personal accessories and adornments, fashion, and beauty products, all hand-picked from the world’s edgiest designers and artisanal producers – and guided only by Piero’s eclectic taste and curiosity. 

“There is,” says the man himself, “No excuse for not making everything exactly as wonderful as you first saw it in your mind.”