Tridens Forks are a French creation specially designed to offer ideal ergonomics whatever way you handle it. It is intended to simplify the carving of meat, which you can immobilize as it should in order to make perfect slices.
The Fork Tridens features a middle tooth that allows you to grip the rib bone, making carving and cutting an easy task for home chefs and professional chefs alike. Its singular shape enables to cut your whole duck breast, your poultry, a roast and much more.
The quality of the Tridens Forks lies into the hands of our experienced manufacturers from the Nantes region in France. All parts and components are made 100% in France, ensuring a constant manufacturing quality. The fork is made of high-end stainless steel (food grade), partly recycled and 100% recyclable by a process called «lost wax casting.
The Tridens fork are the ideal gift for meat lovers! They are extremely durable and anti-rust; each piece is lightly polished by hand which gives its uniqueness!
Mondopiero is pleased to stock the incredible forks!

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