Martyn Thompson Studio is a multidisciplinary outfit that has branched out from Thompson’s distinctive photography practice into a number of creative expressions. An aesthetic anchored in the touch of the hand, which stems from Thompson’s love of craft, runs through the studio’s work, defined by a tactile and painterly language that is a visual push me, pull me between nostalgia and now.

Founded in NYC in 2013, the studio has notably developed its signature jacquard textile collection: a visual marriage of the hand-made with technology, where Thompson’s photographs are edited and manipulated into repeat patterns and then woven on a jacquard loom in cotton.Today the studio’s work includes carpet and wallpaper design, homewares, accessories and limited edition art and MTS collaborates with brands to give direction on the areas that help shape and define a visual identity: colour, mood and tactility. Mondopiero is pleased to supply a selection of his designs and products.

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