Shotoku Horiguchi Edo Kiriko Whisky Glass


Shotoku glass in collaboration with award-winning artisan studio Horiguchi Edo-Kiriko have created a range of beautiful whisky glasses.

Toru Horiguchi is a 3rd generation master of Edo-Kiriko, the art of glass cutting that developed in Edo (the old name for Tokyo) in the Edo era. Though highly refined, Edo-Kiriko glassware is made to be used on a daily basis.

These whisky glasses show the amazing craftsmanship of both the glassmaker and glasscutter. Plain Shotoku glasses are a delight to drink from, and with the addition of Edo-Kiriko art that combine a focus on how it feels in the hand and the special aesthetics of cut glass, makes for a truly pleasurable glass for drinking whisky.

84mm x H88mm, 270ml