Ghidini 1961 Campana Brothers Sticks Vase


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The new flower holder is a small abstract bush. With its delicate poetry it completes the domestic environment. Sticks frees our composite creativity, consents the play of colours, essences and fragrances, even disordered like in Brazilian forests, where everything grows free and confused.

Dimensions - 21 x 21 x 29 H cm

Designers - Campana Brothers

Founded in 1983 in Sao Paulo by brothers Fernando (born 1961) and Humberto (born 1953) Campana, Estudio Campana became famous for its furniture design and the creation of intriguing objects such as the Vermelha and Favela chairs and has grown to include Interior Design, Architecture, Landscaping, Scenography, Fashion, Artistic Partnerships and more.

The Campana's work incorporates the idea of transformation, reinvention and the integration of craftsmanship in mass production. Their research has always aimed at making precious common materials, not only through their creative skills and design potential but also thanks to their South American heritage, deeply Brazilian, which brings colours, blends, creative chaos and the triumph of simple solutions.