Mono Softmesh Stainless Steel Cleaning Mesh


Mono Softmesh is the most hygienic and most durable cleaning cloth in the world. 6,980 stainless steel rings are individually welded together. The result is an indestructible fabric with no sharp corners or edges. It cleans effectively and gently without scratching surfaces.

It effortlessly removes hard crusts in burnt pots and pans, casserole dishes, on baking trays or on the grillage. It is also ideal for cleaning decanter carafes or vases. Simply add a little washing-up liquid, water and Mono Softmesh to the vase or carafe, swirl and rinse. All surfaces remain without traces of scratches. Mono Softmesh is only not suitable for cleaning coated pans and pots. When cleaned in the dishwasher, Mono Softmesh remains absolutely hygienic.
Material: stainless steel 18/10
Width: 25.0 cm
Length: 25.0 cm