Chris Bohan Jewellery Rectangular Knitwear Pin


This classic rectangular knitwear pin by Chris Bohan will securely hold your favourite drape jumpers and scarfs in place.

Most importantly the knitwear pin features a sterling silver rounded pin-end, not unlike a darning needle, which easily pushes through multiple layers of fine knitwear without damaging the knit. The pin has a lovely weight while being light enough not to drag on the knitwear.

The coloured anodised aluminium bands on the pin are telescopic, sliding up and down when worn, creating interesting changing banding patterns.

The simple design aesthetic combined with bold, saturated colours make this knitwear pin an elegant yet practical accessory.

Elements - Sterling silver and anodised aluminium.

Length - 95mm

Pins can be customised to perfectly match your favourite knit.