Chris Bohan Chris Bohan - Salsa Trio Necklace Cube


The Salsa Trio Cube necklace has been inspired by one of the world’s hottest dances, the Salsa. Let the bright red cubes ignite the fire in your life, being a statement piece against an all-black outfit. This necklace offers total versatility, being worn in many ways. Wear your Salsa Trio as a bracelet or three, or as a necklace, and add some passion to your day.

  • Anodised aluminium beads, threaded on nitrile with black o-rings, super strong magnetic sterling silver clasps.
  • One length: 20cm suitable to be worn as a bracelet
  • Two lengths: 42cm suitable to be worn as a short necklace or two bracelets
  • Three lengths: 62cm suitable to be worn as one long necklace or three bracelets