Ghidini 1961 Dusk Dawn Table Lamp by Branch Creative


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Table lamp in brass and metalized glass.

Dusk Dawn draws its name from a magical arc of time: the arrival and departure of soft light. It is the time when the sun dips below the horizon to leave an afterglow that signals the arrival of the night, and that carries us to the brief embrace of dawn light in the morning. Playing on the intersection of its two defining shapes: a soft shade and geometric, conic base, Dusk Dawn transforms from what appears to be a solid brass volume to reveal an inner conic 'spire' of light when illuminated.

Dimensions - 35 Ø x 50 h cm

Also available as Reading Lamp - 35 Ø x 145 h cm

Floor Lamp - 35 Ø x180 h cm

and Suspension Single Lamp - 35Ø x 50 h cm or Suspension 3 Lamps - POA.

Designer - Branch Creative

Josh and Nick both have deep family ties in design in California. Both growing up in the Bay Area, Josh and Nick are the sons of accomplished designers and hippies, who instilled in them the importance of design, craftsmanship, and service at an early age.
Most importantly, they were taught to love what you do, care about who you do it with, and be proud of what you make. Branch is the love child of love children.
Branch designs, develops, and manufactures a range of products for a wide spectrum of companies, from furniture to housewares in their foundry on in South San Francisco, as well as cutting edge technology products for some of the most innovative companies in the world.
Some of their current clients and partners include Google, Council, Plume, L’Oreal, Nextbit, Kuri Robot, Thync and Athos.