Sammode Balke Hook Lamp - Coal with petrol reflector


The Balke hook lamp boasts a generous handle designed for easy carrying and to act as a hook so that you can hang it wherever you wish. Whether on a wall hook, coat peg, a cable or the branch of a tree, you can now have light wherever you need it. It is also supplied with a reel and waterproof cable, making it a truly multipurpose lamp for all seasons. 
Stainless Steel and anodised aluminium reflector.

Height: 90
Lamp: LED filament bulb matt, E14 - 4 W, 2700 K
Cable: 4 m
Light regulation: Bouton variateur intégré
Use: Indoor and outdoor use (IP68)
End caps & fixing straps: Stainless steel

Housing: Coextruded PMMA/PO

Louvre: Stainless steel

Reflector: Anodised aluminium

Design: Sammode Studio