Flamigni Supremo Torrone


The Flamigni 'Il Supremo' range of torrone is the very finest brittle pistachio and almond Italian nougat presented in attractive 150 g gift envelopes.

Mondopiero stocks brittle almond, dark chocolate covered brittle almond and brittle pistachio nougat made from egg whites, honey, sugar and nuts.

At the Flamigni factory in Forlì, the family has been making torrone for over 80 years using a family recipe that has been handed down over three generations. Quality torrone consists of just a few ingredients – egg whites, honey, sugar, nuts, raw vanilla and sometimes candied fruits. Flamigni uses Italian honey and sources its almonds from Puglia, hazelnuts from the Langhe in Piedmont, and pistachios from Bronte in Sicily. The company combines these ingredients torrone using the large copper mixers that have been in use since the 1950s.

Soft torrone can be served sliced, while the brittle torrone can be snapped into smaller pieces.  Serve with refreshments, or at the end of a meal with coffee and liqueur. It will also suit a sparkling wine such as prosecco or moscato d’asti.