Design today must go beyond form, beyond aesthetics.

Roberto di Filitto and Nathalie Schneider

Slow products are proudly – and slowly – handcrafted in Tuscany.

Founders Roberto di Filitto and Nathalie Schneider design a wide variety of pieces and produce them using the traditional techniques and skills of local craftsmen. Slow research into these lost arts allows them to restore and reinvent the commonest of objects, giving them a new vigour and spirit.

Borrowing the titles of well-loved books, Libri Muti is a collection of one-off notebooks with hand-coloured edges while the Olfactory Notebook’s organic fragrance imparts a heady scent to your innermost musings.

Then, for a complete change of pace, take a long look into Slow’s gorgeous Alice Mirrors. In accordance with their respect for ancient arts these gorgeously imperfect mirrors showcase the subtle and once-sacred art of grissaile glass oxidation.

Take your time to check out the Slow collection at Mondopiero.

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