Lyn&Tony L’Obscurite Scented Wax (Rocks)


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L' Obscurite Scented Polish is a Canuba polish to be used for timber, marble, metal and other hard surfaces.

In collaboration with Maison Balzac, we have created two scents that evoke the sensory strangeness of the Australian Landscape.

The scented of Obscurite imagines the scent of the unique Australian environment - black volcanic rocks warming in the sun by the sea. 
It has been inspired by our two favourite black volcanic rock beaches, one near Byron Bay and the other south of Sydney. 
It uses the scent of the local Red Cedar native trees as its main scent, with Tree Resin, Birch Tar as secondary scents.

The waxes have been made in Australia, using 20% fragrance, to ensure the intensity of the scent in your house. 
The size is 100g, and is exclusively made in Australia. 
Can be used on used as a polish on timber, marble, metal and other hard surfaces. Use sparingly, working in a small area at a time, and then polishing.