For me, an object of luxury must be sober and solid; no frills or embellishments.

Rodolfo Dordoni

Launched in 2011, KnIndustrie defines its short history as ‘a kind of silent revolution that is creating new icons in the world of kitchen tools’. With architect Rodolfo Dordoni in charge of design, KnIndustrie products are trail-blazingly new, eco-sustainable and simply beautiful.
From aluminium cook surfaces coated with non-stick ceramic to wooden pot handles to soft silicon pot lids to the now-famous stonewashed stainless steel Brick Lane cutlery, KnIndustrie embraces all that is courageous in what they call ‘the one area closer to our hearts than love – food and its preparation’.

Mondopiero stocks Brick Lane flatware and a range of innovative pots and cookware.

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