Ghidini 1961 Gioiello Free Standing Mirror by Nika Zupanc


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Gioiello mirrors are inspired by the infinite possibilities of a brass sphere as a single building block, designed to create a collection of objects and their story through repetition and play.
Brass spheres are polished to perfection, looking as precious as jewellery. By aligning them into numerous different shapes, they create a collection of versatile frames, without any other need to create new moulds or tools for production.
With their simplicity they are therefore also elegantly rich in their appearance - making a basic geometric forms into exciting shapes that reflect and multiply in the mirrors, turning them into surprising and timeless wall companions.

Dimensions - 70 x 190(h)cm

Colours - Polished Brass, Burnished Brass, Chrome and Deep Black.

Other Gioiello Mirrors - Small 60cm Ø, Large 90cm Ø, Rectangle 60 x 100(h)cm, Trapezoid 50 x 30 x 70(h)cm, Tear Drop 48 x 77(h)cm, Oval 140 x 35(h)cm and Octagonal 93 x 93(h)cm.

Made in Italy.

Designer - Nika Zupanc

Nika Zupanc graduated with distinction from the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana in 2000. Since then she has gained a sterling reputation for a body of work that in her own words, “challenges the rational, sober and utilitarian by giving voice to the intuitive, eclectic and intimate”.
In the recent year, Nika has designed extraordinary pieces for Sé (collection recently awarded with Editors award for furniture at ICFF in New York), for the Japanese brand Francfranc, for Dutch design brand Moooi.
She also made a Room of One‘s Own for Esprit Dior and designed the atmospheric As Aperitivo bar in her home town Ljubljana. Nika’s pieces carry an emotional charge as well as being exquisitely finished, which is why Elle USA defined her work as “punk elegance”.
As for Nika, explanation is unnecessary. Her visual language comes from deep within and is about "communicating the things that cannot be told.”