Ghidini 1961 Artù Dining Table


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Artù Dining Table designed by Paolo Rizzatto

The large circular top is well supported by a solid base formed by a series of overlapping concave and convex rotation volumes alternating the metal (brushed burnished metal scots) and stone (grooves and spheres in precious coloured marbles).

The whole communicates a feeling of well-constructed stability and security and of noble architectural richness.

The circle evokes the legend of the “Knights of the Round Table”, and “King Arthur”, stone and metal recall the “Sword in the Stone” back to Excalibur.

Artù Dining Table is available in two round sizes - 160Ø and 180Ø cm x 75cm h, oval - 200 x 100 x 75cm h and rectangular - 200, 240, 280 x 120 x 75cm h.

For brass, marble and wood finishes, please visit Ghidini1961 link here.

Structure - Marble base and sphere. Aluminum elements worked and finished in house at Ghidini1961.

Top Finishes - 20mm marble

Image - base in Rosso Levanto, sphere in Black Marquina, top in Classic Travertine.