Eugenie Kawabata Yakka Small - Pink


Yakka was launched as part of Melbourne Design week 2018.

Each Yakka vessel blurs the line between art and design. The vessels are functional but are sculptural one-off pieces, with limited edition pieces to become available in the future.

The Yakka Story
Drawing on Kawabata’s childhood memories of the Australian bush, Yakka is named for the endemic xanthorrhoea – commonly known as yakka or grass tree.

This decorative collection of vessels mimic the playfulness of the plant’s distinctive form along with the vivid colours of regrowth generated by bush fire.

While the vessel’s charred timber bases are uniform, each sprouting, knobbly top is idiosyncratic and unique, a lushly sensual reminder of xanthorrhoea’s transcendent response to the trauma of fire and its resilience in the face of ongoing adversity.

Yakka examines our ongoing relationship to the environment, both natural and manipulated, along with the tensions created through the juxtaposition of uniformity and individuality.

Resin and charred timber

Small - Diameter approximately 105mm
Maximum height approximately 280mm