MXC Project Supernova

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Supernova is a captivating pendant light fixture composed of four concentric rings attached to a vertical axle.

From spherical volumes to almost flat circular geometries, Supernova casts various shapes and an ever-changing interplay of light and shadows. A careful observation of the surface of the rings reveals the nature of the material: can tabs. Thousands of them, woven together, are almost unrecognisable in a new, harmonious arrangement.

Flexible metal plates repurposed from industrial scraps support the rings, and their external contours are sewn together with a black beeswax cotton thread.

Total pull tabs used: 1536.E27 Lampholder.

Diameter - 480mm

Height - 660mm

Weight - 3.8kg

Production lead time - 12 weeks from confirmation of order.

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