MXC Project Sirio


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Sirio Pendant can be considered a true example of post-consumer up cycling. It’s structure is formed in growing order by two rings of different diameters creating a perfectly spherical shape.

Sirio Pendant is fully adjustable through the rings that run on a single threaded bar. Each circular ring is connected to the threaded bar in a fully adjustable way allowing you to adjust the position of the rings for your personal preference. Designed specifically for arrange the circular components to suit your preference and brightness. The pendant is made up from a total of approximately 848 aluminium can ring pull tops assembled in series of three tabs. Moreover, the ring external contour is sewed together with a black beeswax cotton thread.

There are two rings in total that can be moved around an axis point.

The pendant pictured uses an E27 lamp holder with special cord grip component with Elephant Grey braided cable.

Original design by MXC Project.

All fittings and accessories supplied by Edison Light Globes. Each element of our lighting is of exceptionally high quality and resistance. Fittings available in nickel and brass.

The plated lamp holder E27 fittings , 24O V, 4A with ceramic terminal insert. Cord Grip mechanism insures that cable can not be pulled out of the fitting. Earthed system means fitting can be connected to metal components like a shade ring or wire. Earthed system that requires 3 core flex and needs to be wired with earth for use a ceiling pendant light fitting. This pendant has a brass cord grip attached to a threaded entry type lamp holder.

Comes as a complete pendant. Bulbs not included, any E27 globe will fit this pendant, pictured with various G125 E27 globes. Choose from the range of options at Ceiling rose in matching nickel plated brass. Fittings are in nickel plated brass.


Measures of the rings and aluminium can tabs used:

First ring diameter 270 mm / 468 aluminium can tabs used
Second ring diameter 300mm / 380 aluminium can tabs used

Double insulated 3 core Cable – E27 240V lamp holder

Diameter - 300mm

Height - 450mm

Weight - 1.5kg

Edition of 1.

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