Luke Rose

“To me, jewellery is the one treasured thing that makes a woman's beauty unique - an unapologetic beauty." - Luke Rose

Luke Rose strode boldly into the Australian jewellery scene in 2014 with an edgy, new luxury look for the girl unafraid to make her statement, her style, her way.

With a spare, pared-down take on luxury aesthetics, Luke mixes precious and playful materials with an effortless sophistication, each hand-made piece embodying the innate values that only a trained and confident craftsman can bring to the process.

An Englishman now based in Sydney, his eye is set on global success. And the word is well and truly out among the younger, savvy celebs. Jessica Alba, Kelly Rowland, Sophie Monk, Megan Blake Irwin and Jessica Gomes all choose his look as the fashion-forward jewellery to be seen wearing.

Luke’s 'Slide' Collection is available at Mondopiero.