MXC Project Bauxite Throne

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Bauxite Throne is an outstanding armchair whose main components were obtained from disposable cans.

More than 15,000 can bases were used to forge some quite eccentric vertical cylinders, assembled together to give shape to this splendid, self-indulgent piece of decor. Its rigorous, almost essential, external form is put in motion through the sinuous pillars. As a result, round and squared shapes play with one another in a game that respects very punctual, modular repetitions. At the same time, a sense of balance and sturdiness fills the empty spaces between the slender but solid rounded piles.

Bauxite throne is made fromapproximately 15,000 can bases.

Length - 1100mm

Width - 800mm

Height - 770mm

Weight - 60kg

Edition of 1

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