Autore Assorted Croccantini


Choices, choices, why not have it all? This beautiful assortment of 32 individually wrapped chocolates in assorted flavours including croccantini, honey and figs, gianduja, coffee gianduja and mint provides an unbeatable array of flavours and colours for a chocolate tasting session. The remarkable quality of the hand crafted Autore products, combined with the modern elegance of the deep brown packaging, reminiscent of the chocolate within, makes this the perfect gift for the ultimate sweet tooth.

Autore chocolates are part of a long tradition of artisanal chocolate making in San Marco dei Cavoti, close to Naples. They are made with the very finest Valrhona chocolate from France which is then combined with typical local ingredients and flavours such as pistachio, citrus fruits, figs and honey.

The best pairings could be with coffee, passito sweet wine and premium spirits (whiskey, rum, cognac).