Santa Maria Novella Asia - Profumo del Mondo Room Diffuser, 250ml


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The perfumes of the world - Asia

The room fragrances, The Perfumes of the World, accompany us on a sensory journey around the Earth. Five continents, five fragrances, five olfactory nuances dictated by mother nature

Solemn elegance of Japanese inspiration, a landscape that tells the woods of Hasui. Dawn tinges the sky with pastel colours, lily of the valley flowers and freesia refresh the air.

Asia is a woman symbol of the purity of the lotus and the wisdom of Iris which remind us of the most ancestral oriental cultures.

HEAD: lily of the valley, white tea, green tea

HEART: lotus flower, jasmine, freesia, iris rhizome

BACKGROUND: Japanese cedar wood, guaiac wood

Includes 8 wooden sticks.